Accutas for Companion Animals

Aquila is developing a comprehensive suite of companion animal tests and panels for the use in veterinary sector. Aquila will provide an in clinic PCR system for canine and feline targets.

Top Ten Reasons a Veterinarian Would Use the Aquila Diagnostic System

  1. Convenience
    Veterinarians will use a diagnostic tool more if it is in the clinic. Having Accutas in a vet's clinic is similar to bringing in-house blood and chemistry machines to a hospital.
  2. Speed of result in a PCR diagnostic test
    A PCR result is ready in about 2 hours — far faster than sending samples away to a lab.
  3. Value to the patient
    Patients appreciate having a rapid and accurate diagnosis for their companion animals.
  4. Cost
    Accutas costs the same or less than a reference lab test.
  5. Increased revenue to clinic
    The current diagnostic model for pathologies such as canine roundworm is far less efficient than Accutas — correctly diagnosing these cases means more revenue for veterinary clincis.
  6. Ease of use
    Preparing samples for diagnosis with Accutas is quick and does not tie up technical staff for unnecessary periods of time.
  7. Inventory control
    Veterinarians do not have to purchase large amounts of tests they may not use.
  8. Increase the profile of the practice
  9. Increase our understanding of PCR
  10. Early adoption
    PCR is rapidly growing field of diagnostics. Overall earlier adoption, will place a practice/practitioner ahead of the curve on their and understanding of this valuable tool.


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