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  • Aquila's "Lab in a Box" Makes Top 25 Alberta Health Innovations

    Hotbed of health-care innovation -25 featured in Alberta Health Service's Apple Magazine From heart attacks to arthritis, genetics to food science, researchers in Alberta are discovering new treatments and developing new technologies to improve the health of Albertans and people around the world. Connie Bryson looks at 25 groundbreaking innovations developed in our Province including Aquila Diagnostic's "Lab in a box".
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  • Aquila Diagnostic Systems Unveils New Accutas™ Lab-On-A-Chip

    March 13, 2014 – Edmonton, AB, Canada – With a favourable assessment from the Geneva-based Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), Edmonton, Alberta’s Aquila Diagnostic Systems has achieved an important milestone in the development of their point-of-care Accutas™ lab-on-a-chip malaria detection kit.“Although this new technology is still in development ... it opens up the possibility of using a simple and highly sensitive molecular test at the point-of-care for the diagnosis of malaria and other blood-borne infections,” stated FIND’s Chief Scientific Officer Mark Perkins.
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  • Aquila featured in Alberta Venture Magazine

    Inventors seeking Investors
     Last year Stephanie Yanow, a professor from the University of Alberta’s school of public health, travelled to a remote hospital in Ghana. The staff at the hospital see about 100 people each day suffering from fever, with malaria generally being the prime suspect. Yanow saw a man seated in a small, hot room, staring at blood samples through a microscope, trying to make the required diagnoses. Malaria? Typhoid? Yellow fever? Each sample took him about 15 minutes to view. To see them all, basic math suggests, would take him 25 hours. So the hospital did a form of triage. “They would say, ‘OK, about 30 to 40 per cent of patients will get a test done,’ ” Yanow says. “ ‘The rest, we’re not sure, so we’ll just send you home with a drug. It might not be the drug you need, but it’s a drug.’ ”Yanow thinks she and Aquila Diagnostic Systems, a small Edmonton-based startup that germinated through research done at the University of Alberta, might have a solution. The startup has developed a plastic chip with 10 small compartments that can hold the chemicals and reagents needed to perform genetic tests. Yanow has been consulting with Aquila for several years and says the chip could be a useful field tool in the battle against malaria because it needs no refrigeration, is easily administered and provides the kind of immediate and consistent results that are demanded by national and world health bodies. Depending on the particular chemical concoction put into the Aquila chip, it can test for any number of different pathogens in the blood. With two of the 10 compartments kept as controls, eight tests can be performed on one chip. And the technology is not just for human blood, either.CHIP DIMENSIONS: 30 mm x 30 mm
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  • Quicker Detection & Improved Animal Disease Management

    Aquila Diagnostics Systems Inc. partners with the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA) and the University of Saskatchewan’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) to create low cost, chute side tests to detect diseases in their early stages.
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  • nanoBridge Funding Announcement

    Aquila Diagnostic Systems Inc. has received $125,000 from nanoBridge for the commercialization of its unique portable diagnostic system. With the nanoBridge funding, Aquila will finalize development of its system for a market launch in 2014.  
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  • Aquila Diagnostic Systems is Awarded IBO Grant

    BioAlberta is proud to award this year’s IBO Grant (Innovation+Brand=Opportunity) to Aquila Diagnostics Systems Inc. This grant is awarded to one BioAlberta member company to facilitate in the development of marketing materials, designed to attract investment and take the company’s product, technology or platform to the next stage of development. 
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About Aquila

Aquila Diagnostic Systems Inc. is an early stage life sciences company focused on new and revolutionary point-of-care diagnostic testing for infectious diseases and genetic markers. Aquila was established in 2009 to commercialize an innovative diagnostic platform developed at the University of Alberta.



“Time is the most important factor when an animal gets sick. If we get the right treatment at the right time, we can reduce the long-term impact of the disease and protect the herd with disease specific vaccines or treatments. This saves us from substantial herd losses or reduced growth due to illness, but it also cuts down on money spent treating animals without knowing what specific disease they have.” 

Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed, DVM, MVS Alberta Beef Health Solutions Inc.    


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